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Wine Making Academy®

You are the owners of an imaginary winery in the South of France or in the Bordeaux Region, producing a large selection of different grape-varieties.

Atmosphere in the cellars for the team building Wine Making Academy®
For a total wine spirit, animation Wine Making Academy ® is also organized in vaults with this example the Chemin des Vignes.


First, the Oenologist – Entertainer will introduce the different steps that each team will have to perform :

  • Put together your vintage by blending the different grape-varieties with the assistance of the Oenologist – Entertainer.
  • Choose a name to your wine.
  • Design the label for your wine bottle.
  • Develop the commercial and marketing strategy for your wine.

Your Oenologist – Entertainer can analyze the financial chances for survival in addition to the business strategies of your winery. It’s a real operation in a winery.

Finally, the teams will blind-taste the vintages.

Will your vintage become the Wine Making Academy® “GRAND CRU” or hopefully not the “Undrinkable WINE FLOP”? Surprises Warranted!

The Guidelines teambuilding Wine Making Academy®

WINE MAKING ACADEMY® highlights the main ways to have a successful team and is adaptable to your seminar themes:

  • Leadership et management
  • Better communication and cohesion
  • Marketing and Sales Strategies
  • Creation and Product’s Development
  • Financial analysis
  • Fun approach – Entertainment
Test blend of grapes in order to find the right balance
Test blend of grapes in order to find the right balance and perhaps win the support of the Wine Making Academy®.
Each team has the same equipment
Each team has the same equipment to participate in the Wine Making Academy®: mono varietals and accessories.
we come with all our equipmen
Wine Making Academy® requires a team table and chairs, and then we come with all our equipment.