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Vini Speed Tasting® is a tasting experience for team-building during an hour event.

Vini Speed Tasting® is ideally made for a break or for an aperitif.

Vini Speed Tasting®
The animation Vini Speed ??Tasting® requires a table team and we come with the rest of the material.

The Challenge of Vini Speed Tasting®

Vini Speed Tasting® is a group of 3 challenges to realize with your team :

– Blind Tasting with clues of 6 products to discover among a commented choice of answers.

Themes : White and Red Wines of France and the World, Fruit Juices Cocktails, Chocolates, Beers, Olive Oils, Champagnes, Etc…

– Aromas recognition among several fruits, flowers, spices…

– OenoFun Quiz for everybody on themes and products chosen during the Tasting Challenge.

The Goals of Vini Speed Tasting®

Participants share the tasting comments often assisted by the Entertainer. All questions of Quiz take in account logic more than knowledge. And all answers have beautiful stories.

All participants of the winning team leave with a gift about the theme chosen.