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Champ’Academy® offers you an innovative and original team-building concept that will turn you, perhaps, into the future Masters cellars of Champagne.

The material of the Champ' Academy®
The material of the Champ’ Academy®, mono varietals, accessories to make his own wine.

Objectives Champ’Academy®

You will work in teams, assisted by the Oenologist – Entertainer, to carry out your own «still wine» by blending different white grape varieties. Then, you will use the modern champagne method of «gasification» to give your wine the desired crispness. It’s mainly to check immediately the potential of your vintage, without waiting for the normal time of making Champagne (More than 2 years).

You will name your vintage and draw your label, guiding by your marketing, business and maybe financial strategies.

After a blind tasting by all teams of all the bottles made, become the “Grand Cru” Champ’ Academy® award-winner and not the “Undrinkable Bubbly” !


Champ’Academy®  highlights the main ways to have a successful team and is adaptable to your seminar themes:

  • Leadership et management
  • Better communication and cohesion
  • Marketing and Sales Strategies
  • Creation and Product’s Development
  • Financial analysis
  • Fun approach – Entertainment

Frequently asked questions about Champ’Academy ®

Is not it a heresy to say that we made ??the champagne?

It does not champagne! Champagne is regulated and puts February to April years to achieve. We do not have all the time in animation. After assembly of the main varieties of Champagne, we artificially check the potential of the cuvée him injecting gas to give the sparkling side.

But anyway, the effect is sometimes stunning. We visually explain to the participants how to manufacture the true Champagne, which calls. We finish the animation by tasting a true Champagne to silence the difference.

Achievement for Champ' Academy®
In teams, participants will work to correct assembly and find the right balance between the different varieties.