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Wine Team Building

Cinéréa International continues to expand its range of team building around the wine business by diversifying its themes but also the duration of animations. This range has become as important as the Wine Casino range with Vini Vegas®, which is our leader entertainment of the network.

Sabrage de champagne avec assistance du sommelier
One Man Sommelier®

Why a team building around the wine for my staff?

Participants need constantly to better know how to work together. It’s necessary during business seminars, to have moments, where you have to let go, get out of your context and create real human interaction.

 Then, example : Change your job and become a team of winemakers by blending all wine samples to create your own cuvee. And you present your bottle to the big wine blind tasting contest. You can do the same with Champagne wines, Cocktails….

Team building and Wine : a link with your company :

But do not forget the marketing and relationship with your company. All our team building are related to your business to keep a thread with your seminar. In addition to making your own wine, create your label and find the most catchy slogan for your bottle. You are a good winemaker but will you sell your wine ?

In addition to entertainment, you learn the steps to creating a wine or a champagne, the different grape varieties present in France but also in the world, you learn the best cocktail recipes … you have fun while learning.

Flexibility and diversity of wine in team building

Our team building activities to suit your timetable of the day with varying durations from 1 hour to 3 hours. Also, team building is at the heart of your seminar for real time sharing with a team of bilingual entertainers who always help to you to make a good project in team building.

Discover our Entertainments in team building :


Make your own blended wine in team. 10 to 250 people. Duration : about 2h

Cinerea International - barre orWine Making Academy

Cocktail Academy®

Kings of Barmen Make your own cocktail that reflects colors, values and spirit of your company. 10 to 250 people. Duration : about 1:30h

Cinerea International - barre orCocktail Academy


The Sparkling Oenologist Discover blends of white grappes and make your potential Champagne cuvee by our sparkling method. 10 to 200 people. Duration : about 1:30h

Cinerea International - barre or Champ' Academy

Vini Speed Tasting®

Tasting during a Break The fun Tasting Challenge. 10 to 150 people. Duration : about : 1h

Cinerea International - barre or Vini Speed Tasting