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Wines Cartoons®

Savour and Taste…the Ambiance!




Wine tasting of about 8 crus of some of France’s most beautiful “Terroirs”, certified organic (“BIO”) or, what we now call natural wines. Travel back in time to the authenticity of old style wines!

Cinerea International - barre orBar Bio

Lottery Bar

You don’t pick what you’re going to taste: it is the concept of palate lottery or of the anti label wine drinkers. But every single wine you’ll taste will be an excellent surprise! Every 45 minutes, you will be able to win 10 glasses of a great old Bordeaux “Grand cru” at the grand abacus of wines. With a bit of audacity, you should be lucky!

Cinerea International - barre orBar-Loterie

Champagne Bar

The presenter, Master Saber, is an expert; in using a saber to crack open a bottle of Champagne. He will use all techniques in front of you not forgetting that safety and clean not slippery floors are the key to make sure that everyone enjoys the evening. He will tell you all the stories about this old wine making technique and about how to taste better Champagne.«SANTÉ… !»

Cinerea International - barre orBar-Champagne

Blending Bar

As a good winemaker in his cellar, you’ll blend your own wine using the pipette and barrels offered to you. Choose which proportions you think are the best to produce a Bordeaux wine style (Haut Medoc style or a Saint Emilion style). The same is also possible with Rhone wines or Languedoc…“Feel what it is to be a winemaker and have fun blending!”

Cinerea International - barre orBar-Assemblage

Celebrities Bar

The tasting of wines made by famous actors, comedians, sport or political figures. Become a real Celebrity Wine connoisseur!

Cinerea International - barre orBar-de-Stars

French Wines Bar

Discover some of France’s most popular wines by their quality but also by the incredible stories that are told around them… “French history can also be told by its wines!”

Cinerea International - barre orBar-ds Vins de France

World Wines Bar

Discover different wines from the new and the old world. This bar shows the universality of wine, diverse and delicious in many places!The world can also be experienced through bottles.

Cinerea International - barre orBar-des Vins Internationaux

Grand Crus Wine Bar

You will be the favorite host of a great sommelier that will make you travel in the confidential world of French Grands Crus while telling the complete story of renowned wine estates. Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Rhône Grands Crus will leave a permanent print on your palate.“A refined moment to share with your team!”

Cinerea International - barre orBar-des Grands Crus

Vintages Wines Bar

Go back in time with exceptional vintage and learn how to taste aged wines. You’ll understand that wine is like a human being: its youth is not only a physical state but a certain thought.« Back to the Future ! »

“BackBar-des Vins Millesimés

Beers Bar

Discover, taste and learn about the history of diverse beers (Stout, Ale, Pilsner, Trappist), all linked to the place where they were invented. The beer tasting will make you travel in the most renowned beer countries and you’ll soon realize that beer can sometimes be as complicated as wine. “Relax, you’re on the beer trip”

Cinerea International - barre orBar-à bieres

Caribbean Cocktails Bar

In a Caribbean atmosphere, come find the island sunshine when tasting some 3 or 4 cocktails that are the most famous in the Antilles. You’ll learn how to make them with the barmen. “A sunny and refreshing cocktail? No Problema!”(What me care?)

Cinerea International - barre orBar-à Cocktail

Normand Bar

Cider and Calvados for instance, are such common names that we’ve forgotten what the “Terroir” is like and how diverse they can taste. We say in France that Normandy is another Parisian district – Well… come discover the incredibly atypical local products … and remember that Normandy is still the countryside. “All Made in Normandy!”

Cinerea International - barre orBar-Normand

Provence Bar

Discover a convivial and sunny moment around the wine tasting of divers artisanal Pastis that smell like guarrigue rather than anis. Also discover fruity Provence wines and to go back in time. A beautiful absinthe fountain (Pastis Ancestor) will tell you all about old-time aperitifs with “Verlaine and Toulouse-Lautrec “among others.“Sunshine warrant all year long!”

Cinerea International - barre orBar-Provencal