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Vini After’s Club®

Vini After’s® is an interactive animation gathering several atmospheres around epicurean products told for “after-dinner”, offering genuine pleasure to share in a friendly atmosphere.

Participants will enjoy freely of these products, follow the advice and listen to stories of our entertainers in appropriate places, to live a moment of Epicurean liberty. Every place offers a variety of quality products to satisfy every taste and every mood.

Tasting World whiskeys Vini After's club®
After Vini’s® offers a tasting of whiskeys from a choice of fifteen references.

Compose now your epicurean atmosphere!



Dive into the world of distillation cellars and discover the most prestigious spririts of Europe. After an initiation to spirit tasting, the entertainer will make you discover, according to your tastes, about fifty different of prestigious alcohols. Taste the rare and High-quality bottles among Cognacs, Armagnacs, Calvados, brandies and other liquors.

Cinerea International - barre orSpiritueuxl

AFTER'S CLUB whiskies ®

Start your discovery of a fabulous variety of whiskies from mainly the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. But also from USA, Canada, Ireland and Japan. In an authentic Scottish place, accompanied by the sound of bagpipes, the entertainer seemingly “made in Scotland” will make you taste around fifty different single malt whiskies from the most renowned distilleries. Travel through the lands of single malt whisky and learn about distillation know how.

Cinerea International - barre or wiskies


Head off in search of the biggest cocoa groves in the world and learn to appreciate the flavors of their exotic lands. The entertainer will have you discover chocolate at a prosperous moment in its history. Taste a selection of about ten renowned cocoas.

Cinerea International - barre or chocolat


Colombia, Brazil, Jamaica, Ethiopia, India… Depart on a journey to discover the best coffee groves of the world. Specialized in the most popular drink in the world, the entertainer will introduce you to this fine tasting. Savor the power, acidity, gentleness, and bitterness. Discover the complex aromas of six prestigious Arabicas.

Cinerea International - barre or wiskies


Welcome to a Cuban setting, where you discover the tastes and flavors of ecxeptional cigars and listening the rhythm of Salsa. The entertainer, specialist in cigars will share his passion with you. He will initiate you to cigar tasting and will discuss manufacturing techniques, flavors and strenght of cigars. He will guide you, according to your tastes, through various types of cigars in a sélection of great brands from Cuba and Santo Domingo.

Cinerea International - barre or wiskies