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one man sommelier®

Wine tasting : Aperitif and Cocktail events

One Man Sommelier® is an initiation to wine tasting, presented in an enjoyable and friendly manner.
The Sommelier – Entertainer shares stories and unique anecdotes regarding each wine tasted. He will make you play with the aromas game “Le Nez du Vin” of Jean LENOIR.
The event ends with a Champagne “Sabering” (beheading of bottle) and tasting.

 discovered different wine appellations in France
Leave to discovered different wine appellations in France with animation One Man Sommelier®.

Food and Wine Pairing : Lunch and Dinner events

  • An initiation to wine tasting and food pairing for a lunch or dinner (during which 5 to 7 wines are presented).
  • To keep up a friendly atmosphere, games are performed in between dishes (aromas, quiz, etc).
  • And, as always, stories and anecdotes will complete this dynamic meal. The “Sabering” (beheading of bottle) with our Champagne sword will bring this epicurean moment to an end.

Frequently asked questions about One Man Sommelier®

Where is the source of the products you feature in your events?

Our staff meets regularly to evaluate and taste all the beverages (wines, beers, spirits) and products (chocolates, cheeses, etc..) that we feature in our events. We buy directly from producers and through high-end brokers.

Wine is not adapted to our seminars, as we do not want to be perceived as promoting alcohol.

Wine / alcohol drinking is not a goal “per se” but a way to create conviviality. Our experiences are first and foremost a way for your staff to share, to exchange and to discover themselves in a different environment. We do not promote alcohol consumption and even less excess consumption of alcohol.
If you have a strict no alcohol policy in your company, we also propose the same entertaining and educational approach with non-alcoholic products such as chocolate, coffee, fruit juices (for example Cocktail Academy® with smoothies).