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Cinéréa International offers a range of Wine Tastings with 4 different styles always keeping the soul of «Oenofungame », namely wine tasting in a fun way and accessible to everybody: it is the identification mark of Cinéréa International .

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

How does a wine tasting ?

A Wine Tasting for Cinéréa International is primarily a means of exchange, sharing, laughter, fun and knowledge of tricks to bluff your friends with wine during diner.

Wine is used as a way to distract you and not as a knowledge, even if we give you some simple methods to enjoy easily. Our sommeliers entertainers will tell the stories of the great history of wine and other anecdotes. And we finish by the show, opening bottles of champagne with a saber or something else.

A Wine Tasting suitable for all your needs

Depending on your wishes, we can to honor the « premiers and grands crus », and even classified growths of France, or simply let yourself be guided by our selection of wines of France and the World that have a good tasting and a nice history.

Regardless of the topic, you will first be introduced to the basics of tasting : « Eye, Nose and Mouth », but with our simple and fun method. In all our wine tastings, you will have little games related to the sensés, with for example « Nez du Vin »of Jean Lenoir (Aromas game), but also a general wine quiz accessible to all. We conclude our wine tastings by the highlight of the show : Sabering champagne, still in control of our entertainers.

In the Wine Tastings range, Cinéréa International offers wine tastings with wines of course, but also the discovery of spirits (whisky , cognacs … ), beers, cheeses, champagne , chocolates and all that you want to taste.

Discover our entertainments around the Wine Tasting


"The OENOFUNGAME Wine Tastings". Live a fun wine tasting through stories, introduce you to the sabering of champagne. Up to 100 people

Cinerea International - barre or One Man-Sommelier


« Themes Bars ». Playful Wine discovery in a Dining Cocktail party. Example : Learn about organic wines with Bio Bars, introduce you to create your own wine with the Blending Bar, and discover the stories of champagne with the Champagne Bar where all the bottles will be sabered... From 50 people

Cinerea International - barre or Bar à Thème


«Epicureans of the Night ». Tasting Spirits, Whiskies, Chocolates of the World, Coffees..... From 10 to 250 people

Cinerea International - barre or Vini Afters