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Wine Opoly® offers an interactive team challenge Entertainment. You invest in the famous vineyards in France and try to ruin your competitors. As they are also passionate about wine, you will try to make them spend all their money in the purchase of your bottles when they move into your wine estates.

Wine Opoly® symbolizes somehow aspects of globalized capitalism of wine where fortunes are made and lost, but here by rolls of the dice, chance and hasard.

accessories and lots.®
The game of Wine opoly® with all its accessories and lots.

Steps of Wine Opoly®

  • You are a team around the Board Game.
  • Dice lead you to invest taste and buy wine in spite of you….
  • The format of the game is shortered to make it dynamic and interactive for all.

Issues of Wine Opoly®

This Entertainment, parody of a famous board game, offers you also other « richest » aspects, because all sense of taste (eye – nose – mouth) will be involved to enrich your wine heritage.

In order to have a monopoly of the best French vineyards, you have to bluff, be ruthless and very lucky. Thus, you will be rewarded with a trophy (bottle of wine) symbolizing your belonging to the world of the major wine fortunes.

Wine opoly®
Challenges proposed for animation Wine Opoly® are wine tastings blind, reconnaissance flavors