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The First Wine Funfair

The only Funfair for old Children

Live the magic of Wine Fair® the first Funfair of the Wine.
The thrill rides turned into wine friendly attractions and, the famous Cotton Candy or Candy Apple turned into pretty bottles to taste.

The most daring attempt to games of skill such as “Rings of Champagne”, “Champagne Shy”, “Shooting at the Grands Crus”, “The Wine Fishing” … etc., which may give you the opportunity to win many wine gifts.

The most « Athletes » of the participants will try to be the fastest at the Turning Champagne Board or at the Sommelier’s road, in order to earn a nice bottle.

The most curious may also make their own wine or champagne.

And the most lucky ones will receive a glass of a Bordeaux Grand Cru Classé at the famous Wine Lottery.

And if you want, wine bars entertained by our sommeliers will help you to enjoy a beautiful set of “Discovery Wines”, which you probably remember your childhood memories but surely bring you some future ones.

Then, discover the great Wine Funfair with various wine fairgames for the joy and pleasure of the older children you are.

Experience the magic of WINE FAIR®, the first wine fair.