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Vini Sport®

Vini Sport® is a fun cocktail party where participants bet on famous Football, Soccer, Basketball, Rugby teams and others. These teams are represented by their local wines or beverages.

Two or Four BACCHUS stadiums, run by competent sommeliers-referees, animate 8 games during the evening.

Presentation stands of vini sport®
Animation suitable for all sports lovers and for all sporting events like here at Parc des Princes. Betting on sports teams represented by their local wines.

The GOAL of Vini Sport®

In every match, we propose two wines for a specific dish, for example: diced cheese. And the players bet on a bookmaker card, for the wine that they think will match perfectly with the dish proposed.

This will oppose, then, the fan’s choice against the choice of the palate.

Take as an example our “VINI SOCCER” Match Lyon (Beaujolais) against Bordeaux (Haut Medoc) on toast of duck pâté.
The Haut Medoc must be chosen because it imposes its strength against the fruitier, lighter roundness of Beaujolais.

At the end, as always, the head referee sommelier will have the last word!

The luckiest or the most gifted of the players, will participate in a lottery offering Vini Sport® gifts.

For this entertainment, it is possible to use World wines, wines from France, beer, or other beverages. We can find products representing famous sport teams.

It’s an ideal activity to celebrate a World Cup, European Cups, Leagues rounds, and other championships.