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Vini Provence® is a discovery of products from the South of France made in Provence.

VINI PROVENCE® Tasting the sun
VINI PROVENCE® is a breakthrough product in the south of France Provençal mode.

Vini Provence® : a choice of tasting Provence

You’ll be able to choose on our buffets:

  • A selection of Provence Olive oils to taste. So many different flavors to discover.
  • Provence wines amongst the best of the region. So many types of wines to discover.
  • A big selection of artisanal Pastis. So many tastes to discover.
  • Ancestral and mysterious Absinthe. So many historical facts to discover.

Vini Provence® : mini bowls tournament

In the setting, you will be abble to try the very french game « pétanque », set upon a sandy playground. It’s time to challenge your team while experimenting with the different techniques to pitch the « pétanque » steel balls.

And, to make sure you feel the right place, cicadas will be singing for you all day long.