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The manager of your hotel & restaurant was found dead earlier in the afternoon after lunch.

Problem: Two of his guests and himself ate and drank the same thing, but only the manager was poisoned.

Actors for entertainment vini murder party®
Le Chef cuisinier, la maitre d’hôtel, le sommelier et la chef pâtissière sont tous suspects dans cette affaire. L’inspecteur les présente aux participants, afin qu’ils découvrent parmi eux, le coupable du crime.

The plot of Vini Murder Party®

This game is based upon an Agatha Christie’s script and arranged for the event. Unmask the culprit among our suspects, all of them working for the hotel & restaurant. They all had good reasons to commit this crime.

With your team, become a detective and help the police inspector BARRIQUE to find the author of this mysterious crime.

Issues of Vini Murder Party®

Each suspect will be presented between courses. After answering the questions of the inspector, each suspect will organize for you an “organoleptic” evaluation. You will show your knowledge, obtain his confession and receive a valuable clue to progress in your investigation

The Goal of Vini Murder Party®

Win more challenges to have more clues to uncover the culprit.

In the end, the most insightful team win gifts.


The sommelier of vini murder party®
The waiter tries to prove his innocence to the public, who was ridiculed by the victim. He anyway good reason to poison its director.
The Actors of vini murder party®
The Actors of Vini Murder Party®