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Vini Vegas® offers the bewitching and emotional world of casinos adapted to the mysterious and delectable worlds of Wine and Gastronomy.
The Games are simple for all. They are unique and presented by competent and fascinating “sommeliers-croupiers”.
Senses are used by everyone to discover wines and other products, in a playful, festive and interactive way.

For a moment, mingle your senses, challenge your memory, and above all, test your luck.

Great wines, Sensations, Adrenaline highs, Jackpots and a Convivial atmosphere ARE ALL GUARANTEED !

Different games of  VINI VEGAS®, the Wine Casino

Discover our tables of Wine tasting, Beers, Chocolate…

French wine table of The Wine Casino, VINI VEGAS
Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Languedoc ? Discuss and play with the main sommelier, test and guess from which country side does come from the wine you’re tasting.


After blind tasting and the Entertainmer’s clues, bet on one of the choices available on the table. Themes include: Wines of France, wines of the World, chocolates, fruit Juices, Beers, coffees, mineral waters, quiz, etc.

Cinerea International - barre orTable de dégustation


RED, ROSE OR WHITE? Will you be able to recognize the wine colors masked in black opaque glasses? The winning rate is 2 good from 8 tries! Amazing !

Cinerea International - barre orTable des couleurs des vins


Identify the aromas of fruits, flowers, spices ... and bet on one of the choices available. Games based on “Le Nez du Vin” by Jean Lenoir.

Cinerea International - barre orTable des arômes des vins


Bet on the colors, regions and names of French and World wines. Games adapted for big groups.

Cinerea International - barre orLa roulette des vins

The main accessories of  Vini Vegas®, The Wine Casino


Vini-chips are distributed to participants, allowing them to bet at the gambling tables; no other currencies are permitted!


Festi Verres® (like Party-Glasses) are the “hands-free kit” for wine tasting. These glasses are equipped with a solid cord; they are considered a great communication tool and are indispensable for the game. Specially designed for Vini Vegas®, they are personalized with your logo or message.

The Vini Vegas® Final part !

Vini Vegas® Final part is an auction or a lottery, depending upon the number of guests. You can win a lot of gifts around wine.

Vini Vegas® Auctions
Let’s buy some wine present at the “auction” at the end of the games !
Vini Vegas® lotery
You won some ticket during the game, let’s participate to the big lotery!