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Cocktail Academy®

Your objective is to become a team of innovative bartenders and win the Cocktail Academy® challenge.

With assistance from the Bartender – Entertainer, the teams will create their cocktail recipe that reflects colors, values and spirit of their company, using a wide variety of fruit juices, syrups, liquors and spirits.

Each team will choose the appropriate cocktail glass, devise an original presentation, and name their cocktail.

Finally, all the cocktails will be evaluated on esthetics and, above all, on their taste by a blind-tasting jury. Surprises Warranted!

Cocktail academy®
With this team building, working as a team to achieve your own cocktail which should not be that good but beautiful too.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cocktail Academy®

How do you get involved participants who do not drink alcohol ?

Our approach is to evaluate people senses such as taste, smell or vision and that is how we get everyone involved. You do not have to drink alcohol to fully enjoy the experience, because tasting is only one activity amongst others. For example, in Cocktail Academy®, participants need to show their creativity by designing a wine label that matches the wine being made by the team.

In Vini Vegas®, we have games based upon aromas where participants smell from small bottles and have to identify what type of fruit or flower they are smelling.

Cocktail Academy®
Accessories indispensable to the attainment of cocktails made ??available to each team.