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Chef’s Treasures® is an amusing challenge on gastronomy without going into the culinary techniques. This concept allies your company’s standards to business and culinary knowledge.

gourmet culinary challenge in Team Building of Cinerea International
Chef’s Treasures®, gourmet culinary challenge in Team Building of Cinerea International

Chef’s Treasures®: Challenges

Your Team has an hour to participate to the various challenges of our Chef Entertainer :

  • Creation of 3 cocktail canapés that represents values, maybe colours and spirit of your company.
  • Blind touching of fruits and vegetables in opaque boxes in order to recognize them.
  • Who will be the fastest to batter the egg-whites?

And all together, a culinary quiz accessible for everybody, with a lot of funny questions.

The goals of Chef’s Treasures®

Each correct answer, each challenge winner, will receive keys. These collected keys will give you a chance to open the Chef Pot containing the Chef’s Treasures®. These are Gourmet gifts for all the winners.

Chef's Treasures®
In the end each team will present their creations and explain how they incorporate the colors, values ??and spirit of their business.


What is the typical length of your experiences? Or Are your animations too long?

We typically adapt our offer to your timetable. We prepare the event in full collaboration with you in order to deliver the experience, which fits the best your desires. Our entertainments last from 50 minutes (minimum) to 3 hours. This is valid for both team building exercises and incentives.