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Culinary Team Building

The culinary team building is now a fundamental concept for a successful incentive.

Why create a culinary team building ?

Participants need time to exchange together and sometimes to talk to something else than work. It is essential to know how to make them live an émotion together.

Cinéréa International creates concepts focused on wine, but gastronomy is never far away and it’s often present in our tastings. In the culinary team building range, we present fun concepts with challenges around gastronomy in a broad sense.

What better than a team building around the food, the value that speaks to all.

How gastronomy is it a place of honor in our team building ?

We are not in the cooking challenge with making your meals for lunch or diner, we surf the wave of the general culture of world gastronomy, food quiz, gastronomy challenges and of course, tasting refined and amazing products.

Have you ever tasting olive oils and spices. Do you recognize the typical characteristics of different chocolate « crus »of the world? Do you ever beat your eggs in white with hands during a challenge ? What could be easier than to recognize a fruit or a vegetable by the touch in dark boxes ? Very amazing ! Do you know the most expensive food in the world ? This is how we lead our culinary team buildings, while maintaining the marketing and company spirit.

How our culinary team buildings show the values of the company?

Marketing, communication mix between gastronomy. It is on real concepts that we ask you to work to mix all that. Gastronomy can be a good support to explain your company’s values. So try, enjoy and have fun as a team to be the most motivated, creative and efficient team, in order to win prizes !

The Chef’s Treasures®

Gastronomic Challenge. The incentive of food very fun! 10 to 150 people. Duration: about 2 hours.

Cinerea International - barre or Vini Vegas

Vini speed tasting®

Tasting during a Break . The fun Tasting Challenge. 10 to 150 people. Duration: 1 hour.

Cinerea International - barre or Vini speed

Cocktail Academy®

Kings of Barmen. Make your own cocktail that reflects maybe the colors, values ??and spirit of your company. 10 to 250 people. Duration: about 1:30

Cinerea International - barre or Cocktail Academy