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Cinéréa International

Cinéréa International introduces you, for over 15 years with its network of distributors, to wine tasting and gastronomy with real fun concepts, to create conviviality and emotions during seminars.

The Concept:

Original amusing wine and gastronomical tastings presented in its scenery in form of games and for all audiences.That is how the concept of «Oenofungame» was born. OENO means wine and FunGame = playfulness. Oenofungame summarizes the spirit of Cinéréa International. The idea was to break free from traditional wine tastings.

We thus created a convivial and friendly way through games, historical facts, creative staging and overall entertainment. All to make the Show. Always being premium and adapted to everyone.

That is how the concept of «Oenofungame»was born.

We created the concept of Oenofungame Oeno wine = The “Oenoludisme” is a way of looking at wine tasting in a friendly way, ie through play, stories and anecdotes, staging and especially the Show! These concepts are made for everyone to enjoy, whatever the product (wine, gastronomy). Choose your Entertainment among all our event ranges.

Wine Team Builing - CHAMP' ACADEMY®

Wine Degustation - ONE MAN SOMMELIER®

Wine Casino - VINI VEGAS®

Wine Events - WINE TV SHOW®

Culinary Team Building - CHEF'S TREASURES®


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    New look FOR VINI VEGAS®

    CINEREA INTERNATIONAL relooks the logo of VINI VEGAS®. More colored, it keeps its soul with a younger look. VINI VEGAS® is still the leader entertainment product of the network and we must take it with great consideration. A GIANT VINI VEGAS® OF 3000 ...

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    Welcome to PRAGUE !

    Welcome to Jan ZIKMUND and Jiri BERNAUER, who develop, since September 2012, CINEREA INTERNATIONAL entertainments in Czech Republic. These two former headwaiters have the passion for beer and wine ...

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    Welcome to LAS VEGAS (USA)

    Welcome to Pierre BOUTIRON and André PORTAL, who develop since May 2012 VINI VEGAS® in LAS VEGAS. Pierre was the former owner of a restaurant at Palm Beach and André was the former director of LAS VEGAS Hotels ...

In us, they trust